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A few simple examples on using Salome - Code Aster platform

  1. Partitioning
    With Salome it took me quite some time to find out how to define different volumes in one construction that are meshed in one 'piece'.
    In this example four different volumes by partitioning a construction are defined.
    • key words:
      • fuse - partition - compound

  2. Various shell examples
    • key words:
      • from version 11.x: CALC_CHAMP, POST_CHAMP, PROJ_CHAMP
        Arlquin - LiaisonMail -TYPE_RACCORD - COQUE_MASSIF - MASSIF_COQUE

  3. My description of ASTK
    Based on this shell calculation Contrib:KeesWouters/shell
    • key words
      • file types: command comm, error err, message mess, result, base folder
      • unite number

  4. Use of Python lists
  5. Use of beam elements
  6. Convergence of solid and shell elements
    This contribution is mainly a comparison between solids and shells (coque_3d) elements on convergence of the displacements.
    Stresses in centre and outside layers
    A small detour on how to determine the stresses at the centre and outside layers of shell elements
    Printing reaction forces and stresses in a table
    The retrieval of the the nodal forces, reaction forces and stresses into a table are discussed (for solid elements only).

    • key words
      • coque_3d, hexahedron and tetrahedron elements
      • convergence rate - shell, hexahedron and tetrahedron, linear and quadratic elements
      • stresses in three different layers: [top - sup], [centre - moy], [bottom - inf]
      • creation and printing of quantities to tables

  7. Applying forces on line segments
    Using a simple spring construction, forces are applied on nodes, a line segment and surface
    • key words
      • apply loads on nodes, lines and areas: FORCE_NODALE, FORCE_ARETE, FORCE_COQUE
      • define groups of nodes: defi_group, crea_group_no, crea_group_ma
      • orientation of the shell elements ORIE_NORM_COQUE
      • local and equivalent stresses at top, centre and bottom layer

  8. Applying cylinder boundary conditions
    Applied on a simple block with a cylindrical hole the use of LIAISON_DLL is shown to simulate a cylindrical coordinate system
    • key words
      • simulated cylinder coordinates and boundary conditions
      • RBE3 constraint

  9. Plastic behaviour of a V shaped construction
    The material non linear behaviour of a v shaped construction with solid elements is given. This command file does currently not run on versions below CAster10.X.
  10. Plastic behaviour of a solid beam [CA10.X]
    The material non linear behaviour of a solid beam. This version runs on CA10.X with adapted version of STAT_NON_LINE
    • key words:
      • POURSUITE()
      • plasticity

  11. Solids
    • key words:
      • Mooney-Rivlin
      • Strain energy function,
      • Hyper elastic material
      • stress invariants

  12. Eigenvalue problems: beam and cylinder
    The geometrical non linear behaviour of a beam using solid elements
  13. Homard mesh refinement
  14. tests
  15. Installation problems