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Mesh refinement based on the Homard

In these contributions (links below) mesh refinements are discussed. All the refinements are based on the Homard macro command MACR_ADAP_MAIL.

  • In link 1 the mesh refinement is based on a stress error estimation. The refinement are performed for the elements with the highest stress error estimation. The geometry is an L shaped steel object with a number of holes in it.
  • In link 2 the same object is refined during successive iterations. A Python loop mechanism is used to perform successive iterations.
  • In link 3 the mechanism of the refinement is illustrated on a simple beam construction. The mesh refined is based on the axial displacement of the beam. Very nice to understand the mechanism of the refinement.

  1. Mesh refinement - stress error
    Mesh refinement by using the macro MACR_ADAP_MAIL.
  2. Mesh refinement - Homard - Python loop
    Mesh refinement by using the macro MACR_ADAP_MAIL.
  3. Mesh refinement - Homard - Based on displacement
    Mesh refinement by using the macro MACR_ADAP_MAIL.


More information about the mesh refinement by Homard can be find here:
pdf file:
Homard website:
Using Homard in a non linear case and a few other remarks can be found here

Not really links, but nice to study are the examples

  • zzzz121a.comm,
  • zzzz121b.comm,
  • zzzz121c.comm,
  • zzzz121d.comm and
  • zzzz121e.comm.

in the astest directory [$ASTER_ROOT]/STA[$VERSION]/astest/.....,
e.g in my case: /cae/aster101/STA10.1/astest/zzzz121a.comm