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# '''11 Oct. 2011'''<br/>
# '''07 Nov. 2011'''<br/>
2D beam elements modelisation (civil and building fea)
2D beam elements modelisation (civil and building fea)
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*'''catalogue of beam section'''  
*'''catalogue of beam section'''  
*'''3d view of your beam model'''
*'''3d view of your beam model'''

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for simplicity as the number of contributor increase this page has for purpose to summarize all contribution back to Contrib:Main


software name
short description of the purpose.
link to the page.
key words: fuse - partition - compound

  1. 07 Nov. 2011

Code_Aster 2D beam elements modelisation (civil and building fea)

key words:

  • catalogue of beam section
  • 3d view of your beam model


  1. 11 Oct. 2011

Code_Aster Plasticity tutorial - for CAELinux.com by Paul Carrico, translated and reworked by Claus Andersen

key words:

  • Plasticity Nonlinear deformation of an aluminium wheel rim
  • Separate simulation and post processing
  • Advanced post processing
  • Cyclic boundary conditions


  1. May 1st 2011

CWarner: added a case study involving Elmer, Salome and Code-Saturne to study heat transfer in a rectangular channel flow.
link to the page.
key words:heat transfer, flow, Elmer, Code-Saturne, Salome

  1. April 5th 2011
  • Tutorials updated for 10.3 compatibility
  • New layout of tutorials
  • PDF version and files now available