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Very impressed by the volume and quality of your tutorials - much appreciated.


Hoi Claus

Thank you for your remark. I started the wiki because I could not really find working examples. For me it more or less an overview of commands that I can fall back upon. Therefore most examples are small, and emphasis one aspect, but they are not always restricted to one item only.

I also used a part of your contributions: about writing quantities to a table/text file. Well, I try to give you the credits for that ;-).

In most cases that is how they start: I have a problem, try to solve it by looking on the forums and on the CA documentation. Then combine it to a working command file.

At the moment I have an interesting (e-mail) conversation with Lax about thermal calculations. Problem is however, I havenot done too much on thermal so it is a bit hard to find the right commands there. However, it is much fun talking about a calculation and trying to solve together.