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Hi. My name is Jason, and have used AutoCAD since R9. (though not much since R12) I started at that time as "Draftsman" with no particular discipline in mind (though I like 3d - pretty much anything there). I found that when I upgraded to AutoCAD 2004, that my tablet/digitizer was no longer supported, and I simply did not want to spend another 1500$ for a new one. (It still worked fine on my old 486dx2/66 with R11 so why should I purchase new?!)

Stumbled on this while looking for something to put on my ASUS Eee PC. And thought, "Why not?"

Problem is, No CD/DVD drive. I have to find a way to install from USB or SD card. (I figure someone has already done this with PCLinxOS, maybe something I could contribute..? A link to? heh.. :) )

Anyway, No longer a student (exactly, I mean who really stops learning?) and not in the professional field. Just a hobbyist.

Cheers :)