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runSession is a way to execute commands in an already running session of salome. This prevents the need to restart salome every time we wish to create a mesh. By using runsession we can save valuable seconds in optimization routines. Documentation is found at

Setting Up

You can either follow the 4 steps below or download my runSession file Note: I am assuming that you are starting with CAELinux2010, Salome-Meca-2010.1

(1) Copy the file /opt/SALOME-MECA-2010.1-x86_64/SALOME/SALOME5/V5_1_3/KERNEL_V5_1_3/bin/salome/appliskel/runSession to /opt/SALOME-MECA-2010.1-x86_64

cp /opt/SALOME-MECA-2010.1-x86_64/SALOME/SALOME5/V5_1_3/KERNEL_V5_1_3/bin/salome/appliskel/runSession /opt/SALOME-MECA-2010.1-x86_64/

(2) Open /opt/SALOME-MECA-2010.1-x86_64/runSession with your favorite text editor and comment out or delete the following lines:

Line 29

APPLI_HOME=`dirname $0` 

Line 64-70

# --- retrieve APPLI path, relative to $HOME, set ${APPLI}
#export APPLI=`${APPLI_HOME}/`
# --- set the SALOME environment (prerequisites, MODULES_ROOT_DIR...)

. ${HOME}/${APPLI}/envd ${HOME}/${APPLI}

(3) Add to line 71

source /opt/SALOME-MECA-2010.1-x86_64/ 

(4) anywhere there is:


change it to:


this should occur about on lines 78, 80, 91, 106

save the file and exit

For convenience lets create symbolic links to both runSalomeMeca and runSesion

sudo ln -s /opt/SALOME-MECA-2010.1-x86_64/runSalomeMeca /usr/bin/salome
sudo ln -s /opt/SALOME-MECA-2010.1-x86_64/runSession /usr/bin/runSession