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>== Welcome to the Sandbox !! ==
== Welcome to the Sandbox !! ==
Here is the ideal place to learn & practice some Wiki editing!!
Here is the ideal place to learn & practice some Wiki editing!!
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== Now it's your turn... ==
== Now it's your turn... ==

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Welcome to the Sandbox !!

Here is the ideal place to learn & practice some Wiki editing!!

So feel free to modify this page as you may want!!

Remember: to edit / create pages on this Wiki, you need to be logged in.

To create an account, use the log-in / create account link on the top right on this page.

To create a new page, just create a link to a non-existing page like this: A new page

For more information about Wiki and MediaWiki see these sites :

MediaWiki User's Guide
MediaWiki website

For more detailed informations about page editing: Help:Editing

Now it's your turn...

Ok, so let's go and start editing this page: click the "edit" tab on the top bar to swith to "editing mode".

If you want to add some comments at the bottom of an existing page, use the Discussion tab.

And if you want to be informed of changes on this page, use the Watch button.

This is a test section

Subsection 1

Je ne parle pas Francais. Moi non plus mais par contre je parle l'allemand.... anonyme signé jml !

Insert MATH expression using Latex

Here is a small example on how you can introduce Math expressions in this Wiki (note that there is a button in the toolbar to deal with this task).

\Large f(x)=\int_{-\infty}^x e^{-t^2}dt

Here is the code that produces this equation:

 <tex>\Large f(x)=\int_{-\infty}^x e^{-t^2}dt</tex>

Another example:

\bf{u}(\bf{x},t) = \bf{N}(\bf{x}) \bf{u}(t)