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CAELinux: operating system documentation

Introductory documentation is available for CAELinux 2007 in the following files:

- Doc:GettingStarted presents the content / general information on CAELinux 2007

- Doc:InstallationGuide describe how to start CAELinux from LiveDVD and how to install it to your hard disk.

PCLinuxOs Linux Operating System Documentation

CAELinux is based on the PCLinuxOs distribution, which is a long time fork of Mandrake / Mandriva optimized for simplicity of use in both LiveCD/DVD or hard disk install modes.

For questions related to this excellent distribution, you should first try to refer to these external links:

PCLinuxOs official website

PCLinuxOs User's Manual / Wiki

PCLinuxOs Official Forums

TheLoveOfLinux / PCLinuxOs Hardware support database

VMWare & VMWare Player documentation

Concerning the VMWare edition of CAELinux, you should also refer to VMWare Player website and VMWare Player FAQs