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Salome: Geometry & meshing tutorial 1

This is a tutorial on the use of Salome for 3D geometry modelling (CAD-like) & meshing.

Topics covered: 2D sketch, extrusion, boolean operations, array of features, partitionning, global & local mesh definition, mesh quality check, ...

Duration approx. 60 min.

Tutorial & HDF geometry in ZIP format:

JML Tutorials

Thanks to the kind contribution of Mr Jean-Marc LICHTLE (original french tutorials) and Mr Laurent MALOD-PANISSET (translation to english), there are now 4 completely new beginners tutorials available in both french and english.

For questions / comments about these tutorials, feel free to mail to the authors:

jean-marc [dot] lichtle [at] gadz [dot] com (french and german)

laluciol [at] club-internet [dot] fr (english)

Note that these tutorials are also available at Downloads

Zip Archive containing all pdf files (french & english):

Please note that at the moment only the first two tutorials are translated in english.