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To help you learn some more advanced FE modelling techniques with Salomé/Aster, we are publishing a set of examples showing the following capabilties:

  • Assembly: modelling of assemblies of several CAD parts (geometry compounds and joning meshes).
  • Contact: interference fit analysis (contact modelling & axisymmetric FE analysis).
  • Modal: modal analysis of a F1 front wing (modal analysis & laminated composite shells)
  • Ensight: how to use Ensight output database for post processing
  • Plasticity: plastic deformations of a steel structure (plastic material behaviour & non-linear statics solver)
  • Thermomeca: transient thermomechanical analysis of a steel structure (transient thermal analysis and coupled thermo-mechanical stress analysis).

These examples have been developed for CAELinux Beta 2, but are still usable in more recent releases (it may need some fine tuning though).


Screenshots Assembly Assembly.jpg

Contact Contact.jpg

Modal Modal.jpg

Plasticity Plasticity.jpg

Thermomechanics Thermomeca.jpg