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To help you learn some more advanced FE modelling techniques with Salomé/Aster, we are publishing a set of examples showing the following capabilties:

   * Assembly: modelling of assemblies of several CAD parts (geometry compounds and joning meshes).
   * Contact: interference fit analysis (contact modelling & axisymmetric FE analysis).
   * Modal: modal analysis of a F1 front wing (modal analysis & laminated composite shells)
   * Ensight: how to use Ensight output database for post processing
   * Plasticity: plastic deformations of a steel structure (plastic material behaviour & non-linear statics solver)
   * Thermomeca: transient thermomechanical analysis of a steel structure (transient thermal analysis and coupled thermo-mechanical stress analysis). 

These examples have been developed for CAELinux Beta 2, but are still usable in more recent releases (it may need some fine tuning though).


   * Interactions between Salomé & Aster (Approach2.pdf): Media:Approach2.pdf
   * Assembly example : Media:assembly.tar.gz
   * Contact example : Media:contact.tar.gz
   * Ensight example : Media:ensight1.tar.gz 
   * Modal analysis example: Media:modal.tar.gz
   * Plasticity example: Media:plasticity.tar.gz
   * Thermomechanics example: Media:thermomeca.tar.gz

Screenshots [[Image:Image ImageImage ImageImage Image