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Tutorials in Dutch

Is it ok to post CAELinux tutorials in the dutch language in these sections? Please edit this page with your comments. Otherwise mail me: SacovanLoon @  : without the spaces.


As far as Im concerned it would be OK, however, posting in Dutch here would target a very small subset of an already small user group, so it would be much appreciated if you made an effort to also post a translated version (English) as well. I wouldn't even begin to claim to understand even a bit of Dutch :)


--- Thank you Claws for your remarks. I will start translating existing materials to Dutch. Later on i will add new material in both Dutch and English. My recent experience with FEA is on Femap-Nastran and Krasta, but in the past i also worked a lot with Cosmos/M, Ansys and Grape. I hope to share this experience with this group. /Saco