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wind tunnel

Lets see what contribution this turns into...

as i was trying to evaluate a drag coefficient for a simple shape... i found CodeSaturne, after same trouble to get it working, and with a little help from my friends..

This wind tunnel was made to work with CodeSaturne (1.4a) in CaeLinux 2009,

1. I used solid works to generate a simple shape (cylinder 1 meter diameter by 1 meter long, this way its easier to calculate projected areas). saved in a step file.

2. this file was imported in SalomeMeca, and a mesh file was generated. mesh file will be uploaded.

3. then started ./SaturneGui, (i assume you know how to cs_creat a study) and defined my wind tunnel, as simple as possible. xml file will also be uploaded.

i made sure the mesh file and the usproj file were in the right places. /MESH and /SRC. and runned the example.

4. output will be placed in user /tmp directory. also i will upload my results, for comparison only. although i think it hasn't converged... you will see: "XFOR(1),XFOR(2),XFOR(3),XCOF(1),XCOF(2),XCOF(3)"

ForceX (drag), ForceY (lift), ForceZ, CoefX(drag), CoefY(lift), CoefZ in the output file.

Outside Help, the core part is the usproj file, this was kindly supplied by Mr JamesMcNaughton. here:

I made a few changes to get the forces for drag and lift. having the projected area and a little knowledge of fluid dynamics it was easy to find the Drag and lift coefficients.

Hope this will help someone.

Files will be found here: File:WindTunnel.tar.gz there's a file called WindTunnel.tar.gz, with Mesh, xml, usproj and the results.