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Hi, my name is Robin Borland, over the past year, I have enjoyed learning how to use the software included in CAELinux. I have used both Salome/Aster and Calculix for static stress analysis of pre-prototype parts, and I am pleased with what the software can do. I did use commercial software for a few years for linear/non linear FEA and I am pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of the open source packages available.

I am interested in learning to use a dynamics package, and looked at using Impact, and I looked at some of the example files in the package.

For an example to try for the purposes of learning the software I modeled an open top tank which failed due to excessive wind load.

This tank was under construction, in the few days between the walls of the tank being constructed, and the roof being assembled, there was a freak wind storm, which caused failure. I attempted to simulate this in Impact. This is not a commercial job, and I did this on my own, so there is no issues about posting.

I am attaching the input files for 2500 Pa pressure and 3000 Pa pressure. If you want to run these, load the files in to the Impact processor section ( the processor tab) and press the green 'play' button.

I am also attaching the mpg movie clip files which wew obtained using the GID post processor, note that GID is commercial software which they will give you access to for 30 days for free. I apologize in advance if these files are too large for the wiki, if they are too large, then they can be removed.

I am interested in comments on the results, I may be able to get a photo of the actual tank and attach also.

Some examples / uploaded files

Media:Impact projects.tar.gz