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Hello, this is my page.

I am a student at Johannes Kepler University at Linz in Austria. In the course of some work I do during the summer at the university I came across CAELinux for I was told to look for open source finite element software. I want to share my newly gained experience with SALOME and CodeAster. Maybe somedays it will be helpful to some beginners.


I will use these boxes for commands in the linux shell or for source code listings.
I hope that context clarifies what is shell command and what is source code.

Sorry for this, but I am quite new to wiki writing.

Navigation through program menues will be done in italic style e.g. File -> Open. I think that is intuitive enough to be recognized.

Commands (if not written on boxes) and keyboard shortcuts will be written bold e.g. cd .. or Ctrl+C.

Code snippets and related stuff

TUI scripts and Salome in terminal mode

In the case one wants to repeating analyses it may be practical to do this automated. Salome offers the possibility to use python scripts (TUI - textual user interface) for input besides the graphical user interface (GUI). TUI scripts can be imported by calling File -> Import... in the menu bar when running Salome with graphical user interface.

View salome importScript detail.png

One can tell Salome to import a script at startup by command line option -u.

/SALOME-ROOT/runSalone -u

If all the operations that need to be done are already in the script, there is no need for the GUI anymore. Then Salome can be run in terminal mode. This happens by adding -t or --terminal as command line option.

Calling Salome in terminal mode and directly importing a script

/SALOME-ROOT/runSalome -t -u

The path and the command to launch Salome may or will differ but this can be found in the readme files. All command line options available will be shown after this command:

/SALOME-ROOT/runSalome --help

But this might be nothing new.

Automating an analysis with Salome and CodeAster

Follow this link - this is rather bulky. Contrib:Projectionist/Extra01


Software used:

  • Ubuntu 9.04
  • Salomé 5.1.2
  • Salomé 4.1.4
  • Code_Aster 9.4
  • CAELinux 2008 Before I decided to install the stuff mentioned above
    • Salomé 3.2.9
    • Code_Aster 9.02


  • Dell Latitude D820
    • Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T7600 @ 2.33GHz
    • NVidia Quadro 120 NVS