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Some of my working study under code aster

2D beam elements modelisation (civil and building fea)

Hi every one

There is a small post for presenting some of my work with CA

in particular I developped a librairie which allow to -manage and use a catalogue of beam section -quick represent a 3d view of your beam model.

the purpose is to be used for quick dimentionning of building's structure

it's aviable here:

blindoptiweb20110819.tar.gz generation et optimisation rapide d'un space frame mis a jour

(most of the doc is in french but it's in the way to be translated)

In the next month I will not be able to work on that topic so I am looking for someone to take care of that project for me

any help will be very welcome



Fire concrete

I have done a small script which allow to caculate the temperature in a concrete beam under fire as per eurocode 2 recomendation. Explanation are in french


Vectorial Optimisation under code aster

vectorial optiomisation mean that you want to get the optimum value of a vector of scalar (it is not shape optimisation unless you generate a shape from this vector)

OLD solution

une démonstration de calcul d'optimisation avec interface entre dakota et code aster Media:plaquedakota.tar.gz

Current solution

Using scipy 0.9 it is possible to use some nice optimisation function.

here an example of a plate stabilised by pretension on it side and the purpose is to get the minimum tension value under the constrain of a maximum displacement.Media:scipytest.rar

The very same procces can be used for automatic sizing of beam (the optimisation will quicker converge is you got total energy in your constrains)

systeme of unit used in code aster

This is a little file which try to compile the main systeme of unit used and why. Link MetricSysteme