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Software used:

  • Ubuntu 9.10
  • Salomé 5.1.3 for preparation of the geometry and meshing
  • Code_Aster 10.1.x 64bit, compiled with the GCC compiler for calculation

Computer used:

  • Dual core Intel 2.9GHz with 4G of RAM

I have tried to comment the *.comm files as well as I could, but I am far from an expert on C_A so use these files only as an example of the file structure/the C_A way of thinking.

Applying Torque and using parameters

This case deals with applying torque to an object in a non-linear calculation and using parameters to control the calculation.

Link: Applying torque


  • Applying torque
  • Using parameters
  • Non-linear calculation
  • Creating an animated GIF file of the result.