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(Code Aster® 10.X / 11.X cases)
(Code Aster® 10.X / 11.X cases)
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[[Image:Thumb_torque.png]][[Image:Thumb_liason_elem_scaled.png]][[Image:Claws_piston_SS_scaled.png]]<br />
[[Image:Thumb_torque.png]][[Image:Thumb_liason_elem_scaled.png]][[Image:Claws_piston_SS_scaled.png]]<br />
[[Image:Thumb_assembly_scaled.png]][[Image:Thumb_Pendulum_scaled.png]][[Image:Claws_Thumb_plast_350px.png]]<br />
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*'''Advanced post processing'''
*'''Advanced post processing'''
*'''Cyclic boundary conditions'''
*'''Cyclic boundary conditions'''
*'''1D, 2D and 3D beam statics'''
*'''MACR_CARA_POUTRE for calculating 2D sections'''

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Here I've collected and uploaded a series of cases and code-snippets that some might find useful.

I consider this an online notebook of my Code Aster® endeavours and I'll try to keep it updated with the experiments I do.

  • Thanks to everyone who helped me, and who's *.comm file I've taken stuff from - too many to write here :)

/Claus Andersen, Jan. 2009

Small guide to using AMD math libs with Code Aster®

Link: Using AMD math libs

.comm file examples

Link: .comm file concepts - mixed examples

Small snippets from various cases, tricks and other neat stuff - can be copy/pasted


  • Extracting max/min principal stress of a model
  • Extracting node reactions and forces
  • Create a table of the principal stresses from each node
  • Creating a node group from the entire model

Full cases

Code_Aster® 9.04 cases

Link: Code_Aster 9.04 cases

Here I have uploaded some cases that are up to date with Code Aster® 9.4 (C_A) along with *.astk, *.comm, mesh-files, *.hdf etc. etc. They should be usable 'as is'.

The point of these are that I've struggled much with the now out-dated examples (they are still valid, but wont run in later Code_Aster without much editing) and want to provide an easy way of copy/paste for newer users of Code Aster®.



  • Linear statics of an H-beam
  • Converting a mesh from linear to quadratic (2nd order) and projecting the result onto a linear mesh
  • Outputting to Ensight format
  • Non-linear plasticity study
  • Contact

Code Aster® 10.X / 11.X cases

Link: Code_Aster 10.x / 11.x cases

Here I have uploaded some cases that are up to date with Code Aster® 10.X (C_A) along with *.astk, *.comm, mesh-files, *.hdf etc. etc. They should be usable 'as is'.

Thumb torque.pngThumb liason elem scaled.pngClaws piston SS scaled.png
Thumb assembly scaled.pngThumb Pendulum scaled.pngClaws Thumb plast 350px.png
Claws Beam wiki front small.png


  • Piston tutorial, updated for SaloméMECA® 2010.2
  • Applying torque to a structure - LIAISON_SOLIDE
  • Using parameters in Code Aster®
  • Creating an animated GIF file of results
  • LIAISON_ELEM:Connecting 3D structures to 1D elements; using beams to substitute 3D geometry
  • Describing geometry with AFFE_CARA_ELEM
  • Cables
  • Tracing curves with Code Aster® and XMGrace
  • Calculating assemblies with Code Aster®
  • ASSE_MAIL for assembling the meshes
  • LIAISON_MAIL for connecting the meshes
  • IMPR_RESU - RESTRAINT for only printing the relevant results to the meshes
  • Note on interpreting Von Mises stress in Salomé®/Code Aster®
  • Plasticity Nonlinear deformation of an aluminium wheel rim
  • Separate simulation and post processing
  • Advanced post processing
  • Cyclic boundary conditions
  • 1D, 2D and 3D beam statics
  • MACR_CARA_POUTRE for calculating 2D sections