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FEA data exchange: UNV2X / X2UNV project

This project aims at developing a set of file conversion tools & libraries in order to facilitate the bi-directionnal exchange of FEA data between open-source CAE softwares.

The file format chosen here to create this basic data transfer layer is the I-Deas Universal File Format (also called UNV or UFF) that is allready widely used in both commercial & free CAE softwares.

For more information on CAE data exchange & CAE software interoperability, see : Doc:Interop and CAELinux FEA interoperability discussion

To download the all the UNV2X scripts (unv2abaqus, unv2elmerunv, unv2impact etc...), you can download the "HelpersTools" package which contains all the specific scripts programmed for CAELinux: Proj:HelpersTools

Updated versions

updated UNV2GMSH & UNV2ABAQUS scripts:

WARNING!!! needs to be fixed!!! The created Abaqus output file is missing line breaks in node set definitions after every eighth node number.

PS: A more detailed section should be written ... see CAELinux FEA interoperability discussion in the meantime.