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Proj:Main This section provides a space for collaborative projects related to CAELinux, like internationalization efforts, file conversion utilities, utilities etc...

Code-Aster Internationalization projects

Proj:CodeAsterIntl The main page for the translation of the documentation & softwares related to Code-Aster

Mesh conversion utilities

Proj:UNVConvert UNV2X is a collection of simple python scripts for conversion of I-Deas UNV meshes to "whatever format"

Proj:MedAba MedAba (by Otto Ernst Bernhardi): a tool to convert Salome MED Meshes to Calculix INP format

"Helpers": a collection of tools to simplify the interoperability of OpenSource CAE softwares (CAELinux 2007)

Proj:HelpersTools This page describes a set of tools / wizards designed to simplify the work with OpenSource CAE softwares. Visit this page to download the latest version of these tools (corresponds to the directory "/opt/helpers" of CAELinux).

CAELinux Wizards: a collection of GUI Wizards tools to simplify the use of OpenSource CAE softwares (CAELinux 2011)

Proj:CAELinuxWizards2011 This page describes a set of wizards designed to simplify the work with OpenSource CAE softwares like Code-Aster, Code-Saturne or OpenFOAM. These tools correspond to what is installed in the directory "/opt/caelinux" of CAELinux.