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Official Documentation of Code-Aster in English

After some long years of wait, now Code-Aster has finally its own official documentation in English. This extensive documentation is available on website and have been obtained by automated translation:

see to access it.

Code Aster Internationalization project (Old Version !)

The goal of this project is to give the opportunity to the non-french speaking community to learn how to use the incredibly powerfull FE solver called Code-Aster (developed in France, by EDF, under GPL lincence).

The following tasks should be considered:

A. Translation of the documentation

  1. User's manual (U-Doc)
  2. Reference manual (R-Doc)
  3. Development manual (D-Doc)
  4. Validation manual (V-Doc)

B. Internationalization and translation of the softwares included in Code-Aster package

  1. Eficas command file editor: internationalization with "gettext" tools & translation of the strings / messages contained in message.po
  2. Translation of the most frequent "Error Messages" given by Code-Aster solver

Translation of the documentation

Several contributors have allready started to work on the translation of the documentation, but it clearly needs some consolidation and other contributions to produce a good quality translation of the most important documents for beginners learning the use of Code-Aster.

Here are some links to external resources for translated Code-Aster Documentation:

  • Code-Aster web site:

Code-Aster: Non-French documents

Code-Aster: Presentation of the simulation capabilities (PDF)

  • Fachhochschule Aachen, Biomechanik laboratory

Code-Aster translated docs

Tasks & Progress

At the moment, the following tasks and results have been achieved:

  • Downloaded all the public Code-Aster documentation in French (PDF format).
  • Converted these French PDF files in HTML (equations and images are included, but page layout is sometimes "cryptic").
  • Automatic translation of the French HTML documents in English (all documents included in CAELinux beta 3b).


A new version of the HTML-English doc of Code-Aster has been released with CAELinux 3b. The following files have been updated accordingly. This new version includes now the equations and the images thanks to the use of PDF995 for the PDF to HTML conversion. Note that the page layout is still not perfect, but much better that previous version.


Documents in French, PDF Format





Documents in French, HTML Format






Full documentation in English, HTML Format, automatic translation

Synopsis of documents in English, HTML Format, automatic translation !! Unpack in the same directory as the to get clickable synopsis.

Synopsis of documents in English, PDF Format, automatic translation !!





Translation of the Softwares

A dedicated SourceForge project (Code-Aster-Intl project) has been started to translate the most important tool for Code-Aster users called Eficas & ASTK (command file editor / job manager). At the moment, a first version of EFICAS has been de-localized with the "gettext" tools and the message strings have been translated in English. A first release (patch) should come in a near future.

For more information see: Code-Aster-Intl project homepage or Code-Aster-Intl sourceforge project description

For the sake of simplicity, the authors/contributors have not been mentionned here, but they all should be thanked for their very important contributions to this translation work!!