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Welcome to the CAELinux Community Portal

Welcome to CAELinux Community Portal, the best place to share your experience & knowledge with all the users of CAELinux.

This site is based on the model of a collaborative Wiki (like Wikipedia) and everybody is welcome to contribute to its content.

The only rule is this: Create an account & start sharing your experience with other users!

If you don't know what CAELinux is, jump to this site:


CAELinuxWiki:Community Portal: This page references most of the content of this site.

Doc:Main Main page of the Documentation section.

Proj:Main Main page of the Project section.

Contrib:Main Main page of the Contrib section.

Sandbox Please use this section to learn how to use the Wiki.

Proposed Interface There is some discussion on how to make the tutorials more assessable, here is one method

Special pages

Special:Allpages: The ideal view to see all the pages of this Wiki.

Special:Recentchanges: View all the recent changes in the pages of this Wiki.

Special:Imagelist: List of all the uploaded files.

Special:Listusers: List of all the registered users / contributors of this Wiki.