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Official OpenFOAM Documentation

The original online documentation of OpenFOAM can be found here:

Link: OpenFOAM Official Website

OpenFOAM wikis and forums

Here is a list of other Wikis and Forums dealing with OpenFOAM:


there are OF-Tutorials in the Web MSc/PhD course in CFD with OpenSource software

A good start is Basic_Training

Advanced Training

CFD Simulation using OpenFOAM and Salome in CAELinux 2012

Simple analysis of laminar flow in a 0.2 meter diameter, 8 meter length pipe. Code Saturne (GUI) and OpenFOAM (command line). Basic usage of OpenFOAM's snappyhexmesh.

CFD Simulation using OpenFOAM and Salome in CAELinux 2011


This tutorial shows how to use Salome & OpenFOAM to:

  1. create the 3D CAD geometry of a Y-shaped pipe in Salome
  2. generate a free tetrahedral mesh for the CFD analysis in Salome
  3. create an OpenFOAM simulation case and import the mesh from UNV file
  4. model the steady state incompressible fluid flow in the pipe
  5. visualize the results in Paraview

Geometry (based on a previous version of Salome)

PipeGeom2007 on the web or Download PipeGeom.swf

Meshing in Salome (based on a previous version of Salome)

PipeMesh2007 or Download PipeMesh.swf

Salome file with geometry and mesh


CFD analysis in OpenFOAM (CAELinux 2011 only)

Video Tutorial on Youtube or Download PipeOpenFOAM.m4v

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Tutorial title


Tutorial description


  • list of points

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Simple beginning 3D OpenFOAM Tutorial

“In common plastic analysis, deformations are easily inferred, but de fluid computational dynamics its governed by a wide group of less known physics laws and variables that make the results almost unpredictable by simple observation”

This basic tutorial its design to be a guide for the creation of simple 3D CFD cases on OpenFOAM, it most by complemented by further understanding of FEA theory and by no means this tutorial most replace the although complex yet useful documentation from OpenFOAM itself and related sources.


  • Background.
  • Case definition.
  • 3D modeling.
  • Units.
  • Physical parameters.
  • Meshing.
  • Structuring the case folders.
  • Boundary conditions.
  • Solving the case.
  • Post processing.
  • Comparing.

Link: Tutorial Publication Page [1] Link: Tutorial File PDF [2]

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