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Installation Guide CAELinux 2007

In this PDF, you will learn how to start CAELinux 2007 in LiveDVD mode to install the distribution to your hard-disk.

Two installation scenarios are presented:

  1. Installation on a blank hard disk
  2. Installation in Dual-Boot along Windows (by resizing the Windows partition)

Download the document here : Media:CAELinux2007InstallationGuide.pdf

Installation Guide for Linux Server (Web, FTP, File) on Vmware performed with CAELinux2008

The following chapters are in the .pdf file that you can dowload here : Media:Install_CAElOS2008_on_VMware.pdf

1 Softwares References 2 Software comparison Linux-Windows 3 VM: Create a new virtual machine on Vmware 4 VM: Load the CAELinux2008.iso file 5 Install Linux: Run the Live CD CAE Linux 2008 6 Install Linux: Install the CAE Linux 2008 on hard drive 7 Install Linux: Restart CAE Linux 2008 from live to hard drive system 8 Install Linux: Update CAE Linux 2008 9 Web Server: Setup 10 FTP Server: Setup 11 File server: Setup 12 Figure