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This FAQ (frequently asked questions) is intended to give general answers to commonly asked questions on CAELinux in general.

It should be an interactive & incrementally growing section, so feel free to add some personal contributions.

Question: What is CAELinux ?

Answer: CAELinux is a Linux distribution intended to provide a fully functionnal & preconfigured CAE workstation based on Open Source CAD/FEA/CFD softwares. It exists now in two versions: a liveDVD version that can also be installed on hard disk and a Virtual Machine version (VMWare) that is intended to be used from a guest operating system (for example: Windows). CAELinux and most of the included packages are distributed under GPL licence and thus are free to use, even for commercial applications.

For more information on CAELinux, look at CAELinux official website. To learn more about the packages included in CAELinux: Doc:GettingStarted

Question: What CAELinux is not?

Answer: An incredibly expensive commercial product based on the click & don't think principle with tons of documentations that nobody reads.

Question: Can I upgrade CAELinux 2009 to run on Ubuntu 9.04?

Answer: In CAELinux, most of the CAE codes have been compiled from source using the system libraries. Running a system upgrade will change the version of these libraries and thus may break part of the codes that are specific to CAELinux. It is nearly impossible to list which software will fail to run, but upgrading the system to a newer release is NOT recomendended. However, system updates keep the same version, so installing the security updates may not cause any problem.