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CAELinux Documentation: CAE softwares

Getting Started with CAELinux

First of all, please read Doc:GettingStarted for a quick "getting started guide" (also included in CAELinux DVD).

For tutorials on how to use CAELinux in practice, see: Doc:CAETutorials and CAELinux Tutorials

CAE Tutorials

See Doc:CAETutorials contains an ever-growing set of tutorials related to CAD/FEA softwares included in CAELinux. If you want to learn how to solve real problems with CAELinux, this is the place to start with!

In the Contrib:Main section, you will also find a lot of usufull contributions, examples, benchmarks made by users of CAELinux.

CAE Software documentation

CAElinux does not contain any "compiled" documentation for all the included softwares at the moment, but you should find most of the available documentation in the installation directory of the application (usually in /opt/MyApplication).

For more details see Doc:GettingStarted

Code-Aster Documentation

Code-Aster is a powerfull french FE solver and is very well documented... but in French. To solve this issue, its documentation is being translated by generous contributors: see Proj:CodeAsterIntl for more details on on-going translation project.

At the moment, a second version of the English documentation is provided in CAELinux Beta 3b in /opt/helpers/docs/CodeAsterEnDoc/ and a simple search engine can be runned with this command:

python /opt/helpers/docs/CodeAsterEnDoc/


You can also download the English-HTML version documentation that has been automatically translated from official documentation (not 100% perfect, but understandable).

Synopsis of documents in English, PDF Format, automatic translation !!





Full documentation in English, HTML Format, automatic translation