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Topic under construction

Dynamic Analysis with Contact

Translation of the CodeAster Example

This is an early attempt at translating into English and to a newer version of CodeAster an example posted on the CodeAster Wiki page at: of a dynamic analysis case study. That page was created several years ago and the command file posted there no longer works on newer versions of CodeAster. This page is an attempt at modernizing the comm file.

Summary of the study

An example of a dynamic non-linear problem involving contact consisting of the following:

An interactive post-treatment Calculation of the Fourier Transform (not functional yet!) Graph of the response Output to a postscript file (not functional yet!)

You can download the files here: File:Ailette.tar.gz

The command file

The Postprocessing


Some background information


This page was made possible by the help and advice of several individuals on the CodeAster Forum in particular: Thomas DeSoza, If I have missed mentioning somebody whose name should be added, please let me know or edit this section since it is a Wiki that anybody can add to, or correct.

Disclaimer: This page is still evolving and omissions or errors are a regrettable part of such a process. So user beware! -JMB