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== Help me!==
== Help me!==
How to help oneself [[Contrib:JMB/HelpMe]]
CodeAster: How to help oneself [[Contrib:JMB/HelpMe]]
==Salome Python Coding: Where to Start?==
==Salome Python Coding: Where to Start?==

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Topics under construction

Help me!

CodeAster: How to help oneself Contrib:JMB/HelpMe

Salome Python Coding: Where to Start?

A Beginner's Guide to Python Coding in Salome Contrib:JMB/SalomePythonBeginings

Salome: Creating Groups using TUI

Use a Python script to create an element group using multiple filter criteria Contrib:JMB/SalomeGroupsTUI

CodeAster: ASTK Mesh Converter

A video demonstrating ASTK's mesh converter Contrib:JMB/ASTKMeshConverter

CodeAster: Dynamic Analysis with contact

An early (& crude) attempt at translating a CodeAster Wiki example Contrib:JMB/DynamicAnalysis

3 Clicks and a Graph!

Aster commands for using XMGrace Contrib:JMB/XMGrace

CodeAster: Other Tutorials

Located at http://www.et.byu.edu/~pah32/doku.php (not authored by JMB!) (*** Warning: These tutorials are incomplete and contain some errors, which I am unable to correct - no public access.)