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Code_Aster does not (yet anyway) have a straight forward way of applying torque to a structure. Only nodes have the option of having moment (FORCE_NODALE-> MX,MY and MZ) applied to them. What this means is, that you, in order to apply torque to an object, have to connect a single node to the object and and thereby transfer the moment into torque.

There are several ways of achieving this, but I will only describe one of the ways here. In terms of what happens inside Code_Aster, this method places a single node adjacent to the surface you want to apply torque to, creates a rigid link between the single node and the surface and finally applies the moment and thereby torque.

  1. Surface (Node group of surface)
  2. Create adjacent single node
  3. Code_Aster creates rigid links between the node and the surface
  4. Apply moment to single node

Claws applying torgue.png

Claws result.gif