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"Helpers" toolset

This page presents a set of tools / wizards designed to simplify the work with OpenSource CAE softwares. You will also find here the latest version of these tools, which corresponds to the directory "/opt/helpers" of CAELinux.

Content of "Helpers" package

This toolset contains the following scripts/wizards:

This Python/Tkinter script is a template-based GUI for the creation of ASTK profiles. It really simplifies the joint use of Salome & Code-Aster for beginners.

How to start:

from CAELinux, use the "New FE Study" icon on the desktop.


run the following command from a terminal:

python /opt/helpers/

This python script can be used to automatically generate an Ensight ".case" file from a Code-Aster field output written in Ensight format.

How to use it:

in a terminal, run the following command:

python /opt/helpers/ ensight_result_directory

where ensight_result_directory is the path to the Ensight field output directory created by Code-Aster.

When this command has been executed, you can psot-process your data in any "Ensight-compatible" software (like Paraview for example) by loading the ".case" file created in the ensight_result_directory.

UNV2X conversion tools

This set of python scripts are used to convert meshes (node, elements & groups) from UNV format to other common mesh definition formats. These scripts use the module in order to simplify the development of new converters.

How to use it:

most of the scripts will provide a basic help message when runned without arguments. For example, run this command to learn more its required arguments:

python /opt/helpers/

Additionnally, you can also try to read the Python source code to get more information on what it does and how.


Here is an archive of the "helpers" toolset. To run it, you should install the files in "/opt/helpers" directory.

Download link: Media:helpers2007.tar.gz

Note that it corresponds to the /opt/helpers directory of the latest version of CAELinux, without the documentations.