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Software used:

  • Ubuntu 8.10
  • Salomé 4.1.4 for preparation of the geometry and meshing
  • Code_Aster 9.04 32bit, compiled with the Intel compiler for calculation

Computer used:

  • Dual core Intel 2.4GHz with 4G of RAM

I have tried to comment the *.comm files as well as I could, but I am far from an expert on C_A so use these files only as an example of the file structure/the C_A way of thinking.

Note: These cases are for loading into ASTK and not for running from e.g. SaloméMECA - Salomé should only be used for viewing the geometry, mesh and postprocessing the result files.

I hope these cases prove valuable for learning a bit more about C_A

These are my current uploads:


  • This is a study on a tensile strength test I did on first semester - I can't remember the forces required, but that it snapped at about 10mm. This is a nonlinear calculation using the same Alu. material used in the above calculation.


This is an example of contact - the aluminum rod is pressing down on a solid steel block. The example introduces an new concept (for me): creating a linear mesh in Salomé, loading and converting this mesh in C_A to a quadratic mesh, run the calculation and the project the results back to the linear mesh. This saves space on the mesh/result file but retains the finer results from the quadratic mesh. The *.comm file is documented to some degree, but some concepts I don't fully understand yet.